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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Deal Wednesday!

So I thought that I would start a weekly post called

"What a deal Wednesday."

Each Wednesday I will share an awesome deal that I managed to snag OR if I haven't found one (let's face it...it happens..lol), I will try and post an awesome one I have come across for you all.

This week I will do both.

My deal was found at a Hy-Vee drugstore. I went in to pick up my medication yesterday and lo and behold right beside the pharmacy is a clearance cart. I don't know about you all, but I love, love, love clearance carts.

So I very quietly (and sheepishly I might add) slid over to the cart. Much to my surprise its filled with Tampax:fresh and Summers Eve products. WHOO HOO! (hey, that stuff is expensive out here). So I grab 2 boxes of Tampax (money was/is tight, wish I coulda got more) and 2 boxes of Summers Eve and go to the pharmacy where I suddenly decide that I need to grab one more box of Summers Eve.

Here's where this get kinda funny.

Without even thinking about it, I hand the stack of boxes in my hand to my husband and walk back to the cart. It wasn't until I was walking back to him that I realized I had just left my husband standing in the middle of the pharmacy holding 2 boxes of tampons and 2 boxes of "feminine hygeine washes..." with a rather dazed look on his face. I burst out laughing and apologized immediately.

Anyhow, here's how the breakdown on price went...

2 boxes 18 ct Tampax Fresh- 2.00
1 4ct box Summers Eve-1.00
1 2ct Summers Eve- .50
1 2ct Summers Eve- .20

Total 3.70 + tax!!!

Normal prices:

Tampax 3.99
Summers Eve 4 ct. 3.99
Summers Eve 2 ct 1.49 ea

Total of 10.96 + tax

Total Savings of 7.26
66.2% Saved!

YAY! *Does a happy jig across her living room*

Okay, for you all...

Here's a couple of them..they really aren't deals, but they will help ya'll save some cash.

Get 10.00 in Betty Crocker coupons just for signing up for their email list. They do come, I have already gotten mine.


Get 10.00 in Pillsbury coupons just for signing up for their email list.


Big Crumbs: Let me explain this one...

Big Crumbs is a cashback site for online shopping. You sign in, find the shop you want to shop at, click thru them (meaning click the link they give you to get to the site) and whatever you buy that session you will get cashback on. The cashback percentages vary, but hey, in this day and age, every little bit helps. I personally have an ebay habit so this helps tame that a little. I have been paid cashback from them twice now...and will be getting another payment (from the Christmas shopping on Ebay) next month.

Some of the sites where you can shop thru them are (and this is a very limited list):

Ebay (obviously)
AT&T Wireless
Babies R Us
Barnes and Noble
Best Buy
BlockBuster Total Access
Buy.com (Note to you all: THEY ACCEPT PAYPAL NOW! I love Paypal! Lol)
Circuit City
Discovery Store (also accepts Paypal)
drugstore.com (paypal)
Enterprise Rent A Car
Home Depot.com
Office Depot

and MANY MANY MORE! It really is worth it to sign up. If you do and you need help, just leave a comment or email me and I will give you a hand.

Hope you all have a great day!