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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meal Planning Monday for week of 1/12/09

So I am new to meal planning, but with it being a new year and all, I decided that I would give it a try. I am trying to cut my grocery budget down by A LOT! Currently we spend 150.00 a week for groceries. I am someone who used to coupon avidly but burned out on it...that is WAAAAYYY to extreme.


Here's my first week. I will post the grocery totals on Friday after I do my shopping. My week will go from Friday to Thursday since I do all my shopping on Fridays.


Breakfast:scrambled eggs
Lunch: grab and growl
Dinner: chili, homemade cornbread


Lunch:homemade subs
Dinner: taco salad bowls


Breakfast: bacon, egg and cheese biscuits
Lunch: hot dogs, mac and cheese, nachos (football food)
Dinner: beef and noodles, green beans, mashed potatoes


Breakfast: biscuits and gravy <---I am gravy challenged, so I have to have a recipe. Never tried this one before..will let you know how it turns out. Lunch: chicken nuggets Dinner: meatloaf, mixed veggies, augratin potatoes

Breakfast:biscuits and jam
Lunch: soup, sandwich
Dinner: pork chops, peas, mac and cheese, applesauce


Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: cheeseburgers, lipton side
Dinner: pizza casserole


Breakfast: french toast
Lunch: grilled cheese, tomato soup
Dinner: beef stew and biscuits, corn (the beef stew this week will be canned..lol)