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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grocery Shopping for the week of 1/16/09 *Long*


so my effort to save money this week did not go as well as I had hoped. Well, honestly, it didn't go well at all. There is always next week tho. I have been out of that saddle for a long time but I will get it again. Next week I will be taking in the soda bottles for the return money (.05 each times about 6 bags) and using that towards the groceries. I don't take bottles in very often, because I prefer to let them accumulate in money...lol. Time to get them outta my basement tho.

paper bowls-dd's b-day party--2.50
paper plates-1.59 (this is my one splurge, I don't have many real plates (seriously, like 3) so I prefer to use these unless its a special day.
plastic silverware for party-.99
3 dzn eggs @ 1.69 ea-5.07
1% gallon milk-2.85
1/2 gal choc milk for preschool snacks this week-1.95
Malt O Meal cold cereal-2.39
doritos (taco bake)-1.59-generic
Malt O Meal cold cereal-2.49
ice cream for party-1.99
crackers @ .98 ea-1.96
shredded cheese-on sale 3/5.00 (cheaper than blocked this week)
Land O Lakes Buttermilk-half pint @ .41 ea-1.23 (<--I was so upset, I use buttermilk a lot and they didn't have any 1/2 gallons which are cheaper.)
bnls chuck roast-6.54
sour cream-1.18
soda 4@ 1.69-6.76 + .20 deposit= 6.96
soda 2@ .99=1.98 +.10 deposit=2.08
beef stew-3.39 (large can)
butter- 3@ 1.69 ea-5.07
5 lb potatoes=1.97
pork ribeye chops-4.00
egg noodles-.98
elbow mac- 2 @ .55-1.10
tomato sauce 2@ .29-.87
McCormick seasonings 2@ .69 = 1.38
cooked bacon-2.79
hot dogs 3@ .79 = 2.37
1 onion-.33
dole salad-.99
chili beans 2@ .59 -1.18
stewed tomatoes .59

coupons used were 2 75/1 Malt O meal

Total savings 1.50 (not counting sale prices)

Total OOP (with tax) 81.02

I can do better than that...I know that I can. I am extremely disappointed in myself this week. My husband normally drinks a lot more soda than that, but we are starting to wean him off of it. Once we get that done and he's off the caffiene, that will help out some.


Beverly said...

Hi Stacy,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am curious about you since you are only 26 and have been married for such a short time, but you have all those children. I married into a ready-made family, too, so I enjoy reading how other people did it.

It's wonderful that you desire to be a godly wife. I also strive to be a better wife and mother. We should be ever mindful of growing spiritually and nurturing our families. I believe God will bless our feeble efforts.


Juliette Vestal said...

It is really hard now a days to put food on the table much less save money. I do know one thing is for sure, the Lord will always provide. If it is in the Lord's will for you to save money, then you will but if it is not then you won't. God is in control of all things great and small.