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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary My Love


One year ago today, we stood beside one another and said those vows that we cling so tightly to each day. On that day, I knew that I was making the best choice that I could have and that for some reason, God had chosen me to have one of the best around. It was an extremely humbling thought to know that after it all, all of the things I had allowed to happen to me, that you still wanted me.

In the past year, I have fallen in love with you all over again so many times that I have lost count. The way you treat me, the things you do for me, the love you give me...at times it is almost more than I can handle. You still manage to take my breath away sometimes. Even the butterflies have remained.

Yes, we have had our problems...Lord knows we have had our problems. I am sure too that we will continue to have them...lol, our medical conditions almost guarantee that. But we've made it thru every single one of them...some without battle scars...some with them. We've overcome those obsticals tho. And I know we will continue to overcome them.

Seeing you in the hospital this past week really hit me hard. Not that you were all that bad off, but coming home to an empty house, sleeping alone in our bed, not being able to talk to you whenever, or beat you at that stupid game...it really hit me hard. Its insane how dependent you can become on someone in such a short time. If nothing else, it reminded me how much I love you...which is easily forgotten sometimes.

I love you Damon. I have since I first heard your voice over that phone. Really since that first chat on im. There was something about you that drew me to you...I think I knew even then that something big was about to happen. When you picked me up in Ohio and we hugged that first time, it was like coming home. I had found what I had searched for, for so long.

Never forget that you are my one and only. There have been others in both of our lives, but for me there has never been another who has my love like you do. There is, was, and ever will be only you. You are not perfect but neither am I, but together...what we have is probably as close to perfection as we could get on this earth.

Happy Anniversary My love...here's to you, me and a lifetime full of love and happiness.