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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Menu Planning Monday for week of 2/1/09-2/7/09

This week we stayed pretty close to the menu plan with the exception of the 2 days that my DH was in the hospital. Him being admitted kinda threw me off kilter so I ordered out...lol. Bad of me I know, but I am sure you all understand.

Here is next weeks plan...pretty cheap week actually. I only planned dinners this week, we will figure lunches out as they come.

Sunday: SuperBowl Buffet--pizzas (maybe and frozen ones), nachos, little smokies, etc.
Monday: Ham and potatoes (turkey ham with augratin potatoes, cooked in crock)
Tuesday: beef stew and biscuits
Wednesday: Chinese night--chicken fried rice
Thursday: frozen pizza night
Friday: bean and bacon soup
Saturday: tuna casserole
Sunday: Lasagna (DH's B-day and Favorite meal)

Now keep in mind that I shop on Friday's so some of this will actually be on next week's groceries, but I wanted to start planning on a regular weekly schedule. Friday to Friday is just too off kilter for me. Lol, I need regular structure in my life and any little weird thing will throw me off of that.

Have a great week!