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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Menu Planning for week of March 20-26

I haven't planned my menu's in a while and to tell you the truth, we have been eating less and less of a great meal since then..AND my food bill has jumped again.

So here we go again and hopefully this week I can lower that bill again. I have decided tho that I am not going to pin myself down to a certain meal on a certain day.


**Note if it has a 0.00 price it means I already have it. The prices in parenthesis are what I paid or would have paid. Same with the total. Without parenthesis are what I will pay, the ones with are the complete and total of what I did or would have paid.

Meal # 1
Bacon, egg and cheese quesadillas ---BAS night (breakfast at supper night)
Bacon- 1.99 for 1lb deli style bacon
Eggs-6 eggs 0.00 (.50 for 6)
Shredded Cheese-0.00 (.99 on sale)

Total for meal- 3.48 (4.98)

Meal # 2
Hamburger-0.00 (1.69lb)
Spaghetti Noodles-.89 (sale buy)
Spaghetti Sauce-0.00 (.88 sale)

Total For Meal-1.89 (4.46)

Meal #3
Beef Stew over Buttermilk biscuits
Beef Stew-0.00 (3.49)
Biscuits-2.38 dzn

Total for Meal 2.38 (5.87)
Meal #4

Hot dogs, Mac and Cheese, green beans

Hot dogs-.89
mac and cheese 0.00 ( .50 sale buy)
green beans-0.00 (.49)

Total for meal-1.88 (2.87)

Meal #5

Chicken Noodle Soup-will freeze half

Chicken-0.00 (2.49 for whole)
Chicken broth-0.00 (bought it cause I needed it for something else and didn't use it) (5.00)
carrots-0.00 (.69)

Total for meal-3.19 (11.37)
Total divided by two since I am freezing half- 1.60 (5.68)

Meal # 6

Hamburger Stronganoff

Hamburger 0.00 (1.69)
Onion Soup mix 0.00 (1.19)
Cream of mushroom soup-0.00 (.50)
sour cream 0.00 (.88 sale)
egg noodles-1.00

Total for meal 1.33 (5.59)

Hmmm....can I really feed the family 6 dinners for under 20.00? We shall see. Wish me luck.