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Saturday, February 7, 2009


If you've been paying attention, you know that I have been having trouble getting my grocery bill down under 150.00 each week. I started menu planning about 3 weeks ago to try and help with it, but so far hadn't had any luck.

Until this week!

I went to the store this week and spent....


Yay! *does a really lame happy dance around her living room*

Whoo Hoo!

Now...I do have to go back to the store tomorrow to grab a couple of things that they were out of (restock is tomorrow), but those items won't cost me much over another 10.00 so I am still waayyy under my allowed budget for the week.

One thing that I *think* (too early to really tell) helped is that I decided to make our snacks here at home instead of buying pre-made convience foods. Ima make some people Puppy Chow tomorrow, regular and pb rice krispie treats, ants on a log, oatmeal rasin cookies, and....this is where I get stuck.


I have my stepsons this coming weekend so the snacks need to be flowing a plenty...and I can't think of anymore to make. I could make the typical cookies, cakes and candies (I cook okay, but baking is really my forte), but I was wanting to go for more of a healthier stance.

I don't mind if I have to use more of the grocery budget this week to stock up on what I may need to make them, so money isn't a problem.

Please leave any snack suggestions you may have in a comment. I would really appreciate any help you all may have.

Brag of the week: My youngest stepson (the bigger of the 2 boys in the pic below) is wrestling for the first time this year. He currently has a record of 5 wins (4 of those by pinfall) and 3 losses. For a first year wrestler, I am told this is really good. Just had to brag a bit, we are all really proud of him.