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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Anyone else sick? I seem to be coming down with the flu...and at such a fantastic time too. Please send up a quick prayer for me if you would. I am sure that you all know that when mom is down, the whole house can fall apart real quick.

I have managed to plan out not only this week's menu, but the month's menu. This is awesome for me, because I now know what I will be shopping for in 3 weeks so if I happen to see a great sale, I can go ahead and grab it (like with the sirloin roast last week).

Here we go.

Feb 3--beef stew and biscuits
Feb 4--chicken fried rice-
Feb 5--breakfast at supper (biscuits and gravy)
Feb 6--bean and bacon soup
Feb 7--tuna casserole
Feb 8--Dh's b-day! Lasagna (His fav meal)
Feb 9--fish and chips
Feb 10-taco bake
Feb 11-chili and cornbread
Feb 12-pork chops
Feb 13- fried chicken (anyone got a good recipe for fc? I am bored with mine.)
Feb 14- loaded cheeseburgers
Feb 15- meatloaf
Feb 16- spaghetti
Feb 17- chinese night (prolly general tso's or something)
Feb 18- burritos
Feb 19- ham and augratin potatoes
Feb 20- take out night (prolly pizza)
Feb 21- fish and chips
Feb 22- baked chicken (again...recipe? I don't think I even have one cause I usually don't fix it this way)
Feb 23- lasagna
Feb 24- taco bake
Feb 25- chili and cornbread
Feb 26- pot roast
Feb. 27- meatloaf'
Feb- 28- breakfast at supper (biscuits and gravy)

I will do the sides as I go..lol. And yes, I know I have no nights for leftovers...thats because we eat them for lunch...if we happen to have any left over for dinner too, then the menu plan is just pushed back a day.

Lastly, I would like to ask you all to keep my daughter in your thoughts and prayers. To make a really long story short, she and I come from a really bad life before I met my husband. Homeless more times than I can count, going hungry, living with people who hated us, etc. I will tell the story one day (its a great testiment of God's great love and power), but today isn't that day. She is having a really hard time adjusting to life as it is now...with a loving family, a stable roof over her head, food in her belly, clothes on her back, etc. She hasn't been saying much to me, but instead has been opening up to her teacher.

That is fine with me...at least someone is able to get into that little head. (This is my 4 year old we are talking about here, not my 17 yo stepdaughter). She just needs a bit of prayer and I would really appreciate it if you all would join me in doing so.

Thanks all and have a great day!