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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mission: Declutter: Day 2

LOL I thought that I would just keep up with the Mission theme...

Anyhow, so I got all the things I wanted to get done today and more done today! Yay Me!

Here are the pics. I forgot to take a pic of the dishes cupboard before I started but it was so bad that the doors would barely shut. The entire top shelf was falling down on us b/c of all the useless lids that I had stored up there.

The Pots and Pans Before: See my toes sticking out there? Lol I had to sit on the floor to be able to reach back there...and yes, that is a drawer without a front...lol. It literally fell off in my hands today. Gotta get some good glue tomorrow.

The Pots and Pans After:

The junk drawer before:

The junk drawer after:

The dishes after: Lol yes I know they don't all match. There's like 3 different sets there..lol.

The food cupboard before:

The food cupboard after:

All in all here is what left my home today:

a part to a food processor I don't have any longer
a skillet that was no longer useable
6 lids to storage containers I no longer have
3 cans of food past they're expiration date
sugar and coffee that had lived past it's life in a canister
a cutting board I never used that was just taking up space
6 ac adapters that went to nothing in this house
2 extra phone line cords
2 grocery bags of useless papers

Whoot! I am rockin it! I forgot how much of a "high" you can get just from getting something organized! Lovin it!

On tomorrow's list is:

Clean out the fridge (no before pics b/c frankly I'm embarrassed by it)
Pull out the stove and wash the wall behind and beside, sweep and mop back there.
Clean and organize the bathroom drawers
Clean and organize the linen closet
Clean and organize the Master bedroom
Go thru all of mine and DH's clothing.
Clean the floor of the Master Bedroom closet.

Pics to come tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Also tomorrow is MMMM-Good Monday. Every Monday starting tomorrow I will post a new and yummy recipe. I've had enough time off that I've tried more than a few. :)