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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back to Life

So I will say that I kind of did enjoy my 2 weeks without the pc. I got to spend a lot more time with my family. That was good and bad. Since we had July 4 thrown in there, we went and watched the fireworks.

Well, needless to say that my youngest stepson and I had fireworks going of our own. He is forever picking on his little sister and I have to admit that I am more protective of her than I am any of the stepkids. Most likely because she is my own. Anyhow, I had finally had enough and told him so (I tried to keep it polite), which proceeded to do nothing more than to tick him off. Lol, by the time the fireworks started tho, everything was okay.

I will say this. I have 222 (not really, but a lot) cookbooks in this house and I don't use a single one. All of my recipes are stored online. SO...when I went to plan the menu for this week, I couldn't cook anything..lol. I didn't have my recipes! I have never wanted to throw a temper tantrum more than I did that day. But I made it thru without the recipes! Yay for me!

I need to get life back in order...and I need to get back to organizing. We are headed to Ohio on the 22nd and I would like for most of it to be done by then. I know this won't happen so I am not even going to pretend that it will. I am just going to take it one step at a time.


Today's projects are:

Clean out the pots and pans cupboard and replace the items back in neatly
Scrub the kitchen floor
Re-organize the spice cabinent again (just needs straightened up)
Clean out the bathroom and linen closet.

Lol, I was doing my hair the other day and looked down at MY drawer. Damon has his, Emma has hers and I have mine. Oh boy! Does that drawer need some organizing help! Lol

Wish me luck and if I can find my camera I will post some before and after pics.

Also, I am still decluttering clothes, but am no longer donating them. I have a friend I will see in Ohio whose daughter is the perfect size for them so I will be taking them to her when we go.