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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ha! I rule!


Every so often I get sick of the clutter around my house and I de-clutter. Guess where I am right now? LOL

So I decided to start where I was. My desk.

It has taken me an hour, and there's still one shelf and 2 drawers that are bothering me, but I can get them here in a bit after I take a break.

I wanted to share my progress so far tho.

Got rid of a bunch of junk papers, cleaned out my daughters bookshelf and straightened it up...still gotta hunt down the books she is missing, got the top shelf (dh's), cleaned out my bookshelf getting rid of a lot of books I will never use (craft and cook) posting them on freecycle, dusted the entire desk (minus the shelf I haven't done yet and the 2 drawers), and wrangled the gazillion ink pens floating in hyperspace..lol.

Here are some pics to help get you all motivated. Yes, my pc monitor is huge and old, but I love it, lol.

Hope you are all having a great week. I still haven't made out my menu for next week, but I am getting to that later today. Will post it when I get it ready.

Happy Weekend!

OH! If you are wondering about the website that I have on the pc in the pics it is orgjunkie.com. Its a great site for organizing tips!